Terms and Conditions – Nomad Soulmates retreats and events


General booking terms

These are the booking conditions for the Nomad Soulmates retreats and events and should therefore be read thoroughly. If any part of these terms becomes invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity of the other terms.


The contract will be between you and the Nomad Soulmates Company registered Storrenhalde 15, 78606 Seitingen Oberflacht, Germany. There is no booking contract between Nomad Soulmates and the customer until the registration form has been received. We reserve the right to reject applications without giving a reason. Please inform us as soon as you notice any discrepancies in the cost or details of your booking. You will be added to the Nomad Soulmates newsletter list and receive all the information you need about the event.


All prices are in Euro, unless otherwise indicated. The price shown at the time of booking will normally not be changed, but we reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices with changes in service costs, security levels or exchange rates. Once the booking is made, no discounts can be claimed retroactively. When booking the costs must be paid in full. Nomad Soulmates has the right to cancel a seat in the retreat if the costs have not been covered in full. No reminders will be sent.

Cancellation by the customer

As soon as you find out that you need to cancel your booking, you should immediately send a message to Nomad Soulmates (aline@nomadsoulmates.com).

The payments will then be refunded to the customers as follows:

More than 16 weeks before start: 100% refund
16 to 12 weeks before start: 75% refund
12 to 8 weeks before start: 50% refund
8 to 4 weeks before start: 25% refund
Less than 4 weeks before start: no refund

Cancellation by Nomad Soulmates

Nomad Soulmates reserves the right to cancel your trip under certain circumstances. If we may not have the opportunity to arrange your trip, the full amount will be refunded or we will offer you an equivalent trip.

Changes to your journey through Nomad Soulmates

It is unlikely that we will make changes of any kind, but it is not excluded that we must make small changes, we reserve this right at any time. Most changes are relatively small and we will inform you at the earliest possible date.

In general: Nomad Soulmates retreats and events start and end as described on the invoice or on the booking confirmation. We do not undertake any journey or return to the starting point or any costs for accommodation, maintenance or loss of revenue due to late return to the place of departure, however these were caused.

Termination and compensation

During the stay, we expect our participants to behave in an acceptable manner and act on their own responsibility for themselves. If the conduct of one participant endangers the accommodation, vehicles or the well-being of other guests, Nomad Soulmates reserves the right to terminate the accommodation of the guilty party and other contractual obligations. The persons have to bear incurred costs for damages of any kind themselves.

Insurance and visa

Prerequisite for booking a trip with Nomad Soulmates is full insurance coverage. Nomad Soulmates is not responsible for theft or damage to persons or their property during the stay. Guests must take care of their own insurance coverage.

Guests must have all necessary visas and vaccinations for the destination.