Make some great transformations happening and get an action plan on how to find more meaningful connections as a nomad and remote worker.

    I’m In For Transformations!
    Nomad Soulmates couple

This is a free workshop hosted during the Nomad Soulmates Weekend Event in Canggu, where single and solo traveling Digital Nomads come together. Aline is matchmaker, co-founder and community host for Nomad Soulmates and she will be giving a workshop about how you can improve making more meaningful connections as a Digital Nomad.

Dating is a more complex topic for us remote working individuals since everyone is moving around a lot and most of our interactions are mainly short term.

With this workshop, you will learn how to turn your frustration into opportunities that make dating as a nomad fun!

Are you ready for a mindset shift? And excited to welcome a Nomad Soulmate into your life?

Sign up for this free event and meet us at our villa (location will be shared with you once signed up) on 25th of November at 4pm.

This is what you get and learn:

1. Where do your soulmate people hang? Get a free workbook!

2. Why your happiness matters and how to maintain inner well-being while traveling. How you can have a soulmate relationship with yourself (mind and body)!

3. Screw bad small talk and start interesting conversations! → Break the ice and learn how to master great small talk to create meaningful connections right away.

4. The simple truth about what dating is really about. This is so simple and has been a total game changer in my dating life!

Are you ready for a mindset shift? And are you excited to welcome a Nomad Soulmate in your life? Sign up today and let’s make great transformations happening!

Important info about the event:

  • The event will take place in a private villa where our Nomad Soulmates Weekend is taking place (not in Dojo!) Once you signed up we will share the exact location in Canggu with you!
  • We start 4pm on the 25th of November. It’s best you arrive 15 minutes before to get seated and meet everyone.
  • Join us for dinner, sunset, drinks and going out after!
  • Free event for Dojo members!

For questions contact aline@nomadsoulmates.com

aline nomad soulmates leader

Who is hosting?

Hi, I’m Aline co-founder of Nomad Soulmates, adventure lover, human connector, matchmaker and coffeeshop hunter!

My passion is to bring together easy going, like-minded people so we get inspired to be our best selves. Love has its own rules but as a connector and matchmaker, I’m very excited that we have already brought many couples together.

I’m hosting events all over the world wide web and offline with our Nomad Soulmates community. If you are in for an adventure and ready for some shifts I’m so excited to meet you!

The Nomad Soulmates retreat was a truly magical experience. It was a great opportunity to meet incredible people, make new friends, have tons of fun, and establish meaningful connections. And although the retreat was not about matchmaking, there were definitely some sparks.

Going to the Nomad Soulmates retreat was the best decision I made during that entire year! I really had no idea of what I should expect of it, so it was a leap of faith of sorts. But everything just kept getting better and better from the start of the adventure to its end: meeting many like-minded people, visiting awesome places and doing together all sorts of activities made this retreat an incredible experience that I will recommend to everyone!

The retreat was an incredible way to start off my time in Bansko. It was an amazing group of people crossed with a charming town. Aline and Nalom are a couple to strive to be and it was fantastic having them run it. I had a blast and would definitely check out the next retreat.

The greatest thing about Nomad Soulmates is the quality of the people you meet, the stories you hear and the connections you make. No matter whether you’re on a trip around the world or you’ve just started your journey as a digital nomad, you will always find someone you can relate to in this community.

The Nomad Soulmates retreat was fantastic. The entire week was filled with great professional events complemented by tons of personal activities that allowed me to build friendships with fellow nomads. Highly recommend!


How can I join the whole weekend program? And why should you join?

At Nomad Soulmates we believe that the best connections are made when sharing an experience that bonds. Imagine lots of activities and excursions over one terrific weekend where we co-live and get to know each other better. At our retreats, we bring together easy going people and introduced many sparks and couples. If you are interested in one of the last spots for the whole weekend (currently only 3 spots available) then you can sign up here.

Can I join this workshop on the 25th even though I’m in a relationship?

Yes absolutely. This event is for everyone, especially singles who want to find their soulmate but as well for couples who are interested in making meaningful connections with other like-minded people.