• Retreat For Single And Solo Traveling Digital Nomads

    Meet like-minded, remote professionals over an unforgettable week in Bali.

    13-20th SEPTEMBER 2019

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    Singles Retreat Bali Nomad Soulmates

Meet inspiring people from our Nomad Soulmates Community

Often there is too less time to really get to know fellow digital nomads to establish strong friendships and to find a romantic partner who is as well interested in the remote working lifestyle.

Nomad Soulmates is the go-to platform that helps remote workers to find romantic partnerships as well as meaningful friendships along their way.

Our Approach

This is not a typical business or co-working retreat. While you can do that in your free time, our focus is creating enough space for our participants to connect on a more personal and authentic level. We bring everyone closer together through fun activities, accomplishing challenges and workshops.

Who is coming?

We are incredibly excited to gather a diverse group of 20(!!) like-minded and easy going nomads for a full week in Bali.


This 7-day retreat will take part in Canggu, Bali as it’s one of the biggest and most exciting nomad hubs in the world. You will find that Bali is full of adventure, like-minded people and really good food.


Day 1 (Friday)

  • Arrive at the Villa. Check-in: 3-4pm
  • Relax, arrive, have a dip in the pool.
  • Welcome dinner at La Labrisa and Speed Dating as an introduction game
  • Going out for drinks / relax at the villa

Day 2 (Saturday)

  • Breakfast
  • Secret Garden Waterfalls (natural sliding, jumping and walking down waterfalls!)
  • Lunch
  • Sipping mocktails & cocktails while watching Ubud’s BEST sunset view!
  • Group Dinner
  • Free time / going out/ relaxing

Day 3 (Sunday)

  • Yoga session
  • Breakfast
  • Workshop: The successful dating approach using apps and real-life scenarios.
  • Lunch
  • Enjoy a relaxing, Balinese massage
  • Dinner and Games

Day 4 (Monday)

  • Surf lesson
  • Breakfast,
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Tantra workshop
  • Cooking dinner together

Day 5 (Tuesday)

  • Trip to Nusa Penida island (2 days, 1 night)

Day 6 (Wednesday)

  • Arriving from Nusa Penida
  • Free time
  • Dinner, going out

Day 7 (Thursday)

  • Breakfast
  • Surf lesson / Free time
  • Lunch
  • Workshop: Best practices to attract a Soulmate in your life and how to establish a connection with just limited time
  • Farewell Dinner and Party

Day 8 (Friday)

  • Breakfast
  • Check-out
weekend adventure nomad soulmates

Let’s Co-live in stunning villas

Arrive hustle free in your week-home that is meeting luxury standards and provides a great wifi connection. Together we will have the best time coming together, enjoying the pool, playing games and connecting and relaxing in incredible housings. Bali has incredible villas, this pictures will give you a great idea on our standards.

What is included?

  • All organized activities by us.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners as well as 1 drink
  • Transport during the whole weekend
  • Your accommodation in the Villa
  • All workshops

What is not included?

  • Your personal beverages (like extra drinks and food)
  • Your travel insurance (please make sure you have one)
  • Arrival costs to the villa (we can arrange your pickup for an additional cost.)

Arrival information

You must arrive at our Villa, Friday 13th of September between 3 and 4pm and check out the following Friday 20th of September after breakfast.

Please let us know if we can help you with transport arrangements (*extra cost) and also make sure you are arriving on time as we will have our welcome dinner at the beach for sunset!

aline nomad soulmates leader

Who is hosting?

Hi, I’m Aline co-founder of Nomad Soulmates, adventure lover, human connector, matchmaker and coffeeshop hunter!

My passion is to bring together easy going, like-minded people so we get inspired to be our best selves. Love has its own rules but as a connector and matchmaker, I’m very excited that we have already brought many couples together.

I’m hosting events all over the world wide web and offline with our Nomad Soulmates community. If you are in for an adventure I’m so excited to meet you!


Single room: 997€ / 2300€

For questions contact aline@nomadsoulmates.com

The Nomad Soulmates retreat was a truly magical experience. It was a great opportunity to meet incredible people, make new friends, have tons of fun, and establish meaningful connections. And although the retreat was not about matchmaking, there were definitely some sparks.

Going to the Nomad Soulmates retreat was the best decision I made during that entire year! I really had no idea of what I should expect of it, so it was a leap of faith of sorts. But everything just kept getting better and better from the start of the adventure to its end: meeting many like-minded people, visiting awesome places and doing together all sorts of activities made this retreat an incredible experience that I will recommend to everyone!

The retreat was an incredible way to start off my time in Bansko. It was an amazing group of people crossed with a charming town. Aline and Nalom are a couple to strive to be and it was fantastic having them run it. I had a blast and would definitely check out the next retreat.

The greatest thing about Nomad Soulmates is the quality of the people you meet, the stories you hear and the connections you make. No matter whether you’re on a trip around the world or you’ve just started your journey as a digital nomad, you will always find someone you can relate to in this community.

The Nomad Soulmates retreat was fantastic. The entire week was filled with great professional events complemented by tons of personal activities that allowed me to build friendships with fellow nomads. Highly recommend!


What if I have to cancel?

Please make sure you contact us as soon as possible if you have to cancel the event. Please view our cancellation policy here.

Is this event for finding relationships?

Relationships & friendships! Yes, although this weekend is not set up as a matchmaking event and therefore open to anyone. In our experience, this is the most natural way to relate with other like-minded people and to create meaningful relationships.

With this concept, we brought many couples together, just like Kami and her boyfriend Jurgen on our last retreat in Bulgaria for example. We are planting the seed for many connections which we are very excited about.