Speed Dating For Digital Nomads

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Speed date like-minded people from all over the world.

A hilarious, classic game usually played in bars is what we are taking to the next level. We were super tempted to bring the whole thing online so our community can meet people from all over the world in real time.

This event is for you if you are excited to meet new like-minded people. In our experience, 5 minutes is NEVER enough, BUT the whole point of this game is to start the spark! You have the ability to connect further afterwards if it is a match. Our very own co-founder Sebastien found his partner through this game!

How to create matches?

After each video call as well as at the end of the game, you are able to anonymously like your dates with a single click on a button. Don’t miss this because that is how we, later on, find your match!

Within 30 minutes after the game, we will send you your match results.

This service includes

  • Connect with like-minded people live

    It’s never been more fun to meet passionate, like-minded single digital nomads and remote workers.

  • Ice breakers and mini quizzes

    Exciting and fun! Try to solve a quiz in 4 minutes or use our icebreaker questions to drive interesting conversations. Remember: There is no time for small talk!

  • Private chat rooms

    With private chat rooms, we created a safe space to connect and talk with each other. The online version also allows you to blend out all the other noise that you would usually have at speed dating events.

  • Matching service after the game

    This is where it’s getting exciting! Anonymously rate your date with a click on a button. We inform you about your matching results in less than 24 hours.

About the host

Aline is experienced in holding multiple speed dating events offline and is moving it for the first time online. With her expertise and love for structure, she will lead the event to a success. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Online Speed Dating

Back up Spot

• 1 Round of online speed dating
• Connect with 10 people live
• Icebreakers and mini quizzes
• Matching service after the game
Get a discounted spot in case someone suddenly drops out of the speed dating event or cancels last minute. In case your backup is not needed we will refund you the full price.
10,- €5,- €

What our community says about it



What if someone is not showing up to the live call?

This is why we do sell Backup spots which their only purpose is to replace someone if they cancel or not show up. If you choose to purchase a backup spot and it turns out that we won’t need to replace someone you will be fully refunded. In case we still have to deal with odd numbers it means that you may need to wait 5 minutes until you can speak to the next person.

What if I have to cancel?

If you have to cancel your booking please reach out to Nomad Soulmates (aline@nomadsoulmates.com) as soon as possible. More information about our cancellation policy can be found here.

Is this game for the straight community?

The event for the 16th and 19th of July are for the straight community, however, the next events after that will be for the gay and lesbian community. Please apply here if you would like to be notified for the next events. We apologize to make you waiting but unfortunately, we can’t meet all demographics needs at the same time.

What if I don’t have a match?

While we have no doubt you will make some great connections through this game, we can’t guarantee that you will click with every person you meet. We believe that dating is practice and the more people you meet the likelier you bump into interesting people, and hopefully your soulmate.

What if I don’t know what to say, or want to avoid small talk?

We totally get you, and honestly… at a speed dating game you DON’T have the time for bad small talk. Use our cheat sheet and suggest a small quiz or a game with your speed dating partner. No lame conversations anymore! You will quickly realize that 5 minutes are never enough.