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Ready to meet interesting people? We run the best parties, events, challenges and games so watch out!

Valentines Party in Bansko

Epic networking alarm for all single nomads in Europe!

Nomad Soulmates is celebrating the Valentines Day for the first time in Bansko’s snowy mountains! A private party in one of the cutest bars in town. Dance, play and connect throughout the night! We have hilarious games prepared for you that mix up the group so you get to know other fellow nomads in town. Fingerfood and 1 glass of wine or 1 soft drink are included. More info here.

Link to: Online Speed Dating For Digital Nomads

Early 2019: Speed Dating for our single lesbian and gay community

A hilarious, classic game usually played in bars is what we are taking to the next level. We were super tempted to bring the whole thing online so our community can meet people from all over the world in real time. Apply and read more about this event here.

Link to: Online Speed Dating For Digital Nomads

29-30 June 2019: We partner with Running Remote Conference

We looove conferences for remote workers and often we mix up the crowd with our networking games! At the Running Remote Conference you will learn everything about building & scaling your remote team.

Speakers from: Evernote, Shopify, Dribbble, Doist, Conversio, Mural and more will share their knowledge with you.

When: 29-30 June 2019, Bali, Indonesia

Get your tickets with 400$ discount!

Running Remote and Nomad Soulmates

13-20 September 2019: Nomad Soulmates Retreat in Bali

Often there is too less time to really get to know fellow digital nomads to establish strong friendships and to find a romantic partner who is as well interested in the remote working lifestyle.

That’s why we are incredible excited to introduce you to our retreat and 19 other single, remote professionals. You will actually have the time to meet people on an authentic level.

That is how one of our couples Jurgen and Kami met and we are hoping to bring together more people!

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Singles Retreat Bali Nomad Soulmates