How We Became Adventure Partners

The feeling of being in absolute synchronicity from so far away is shocking, and thrilling all at the same time! I met Brian through and online marketing platform, he was answering all my questions. He called me up as he drove home, and we talked for a long time. I was in awe, I couldn’t believe there was a guy out there who wanted to live the same kind of lifestyle that I did! This guy had goals, he was a big thinker, and he wanted to contribute to the planet! But he was in Austin TX, and I was in Toronto ON.

We became great friends instantly

Our hearts both hurt from all we had been through, and we consoled each other through the toughest times! Knowing him gave me a new perspective, and hope that I could find someone who valued me! At that point I didn’t know he was my soulmate. Personal development showed me how much I deserved to be with someone like him! After I moved out on my own… My business led me to a personal development conference, on a cruise ship! It was 10 solid days of personal development, and no one could commit to joining me for that long… Until Brian said, “I’d go with you!”

Then He Literally Swept Me Off My Feet!

bansko retreat nomad soulmates

The next thing you know we were flying to London to meet at Heathrow Airport! Our first date was 15-days long, and absolutely mystical! We explored the Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal, and the UK… It was incredible! Our travel styles were the exact same! We both like to go off the beaten path, and discover the little quirks of a place, regardless of the amount of time we are there. We love being active, and mix our fitness into our day! When it came to our living quarters, we are equally messy, and clean! We also really love to eat good healthy meals, and don’t really do the drinking thing anymore. Between the two of us… We are really goofy, so we don’t need the enhancements. My friends at the conference were in awe of our connection! That is when we decided to tell people we are Adventure Partners instead of boyfriend, and girlfriend.

Life Has Been Moving Forward Non-Stop Since We Met!

It is so nice to be in a partnership where you are striving towards something together! Since we were both already entrepreneurs we decided to go into cahoots! We were both on the same mission anyways… That mission is to help people find their passion, so they can contribute to bettering this world! We think it is so important to live a life filled of passion, and purpose! All we really want to do is travel the world, and connect with people on a meaningful level. I figure if we can impact everyone we meet in a positive way… We are doing our part to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness! This means a lot to us, and it is really an awesome bonus to be able to take our business with us everywhere we go!

Become Magnetic!

Brian + I have known each other for nearly a year now! We are SO excited to hit our goals so we can become full-time nomads/lifestyle independent! There is nothing like finding that person you are in absolute alignment with! Everything clicks, and melts together so beautifully! Becoming magnetic starts with taking care of you. Your mind, your body, and your spirit… It opens you up to the magic of true love! So love yourself first, and you will surely attract your nomadic soulmate!

About Brian and Erin

Since Brian and Erin have met, they have been unstoppable! They inspire people all over the world to stretch, grow, cutting through the smoke mirrors. As they teach people how to create a business that they can work from anywhere on the planet!

You can check them out over at http://BEAdventurePartners.com


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