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A digital nomad couple celebrates their love for 12 years

Matilde and Miguel from Portugal are not only longtime soulmates but also business partners traveling and working remotely. Together they left their ‘old 9 to 5’ decided to start a new, certainly more adventurous chaptor of their life and…
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What if society allowed us to say “I love you” almost immediately?

When Thinking about love most of us hold certain ideas or parameters in our mind that we think it should adhere to. We try and control love. First thing we try to control is time. To almost all, saying “I love you” means committing long…

Falling in love while traveling – how I met my partner

As any traveler will know falling in love is one of those amazing side effects that comes with roaming the globe – and it’s not hard to see why. With all the tropical islands, beautiful weather and the carefree lifestyle what better time…

How We Became Adventure Partners

The feeling of being in absolute synchronicity from so far away is shocking, and thrilling all at the same time! I met Brian through and online marketing platform, he was answering all my questions. He called me up as he drove home, and we talked…
Jump. It's worth it. Nomad Soulmates

Jump. It’s worth it.

In July 2016 I was living with 10 other people in a mansion in Sicily, Italy. I was working on a co-living project with a partner who was cracking under the pressure of startup life. It was a hectic time for me. The day I arrived in Italy, my…

Travel changes the meaning of relationships

Travel opens the door to changes in some of the most fundamental, unquestioned parts of life. Your concept of relationships with other people will expand – friendly, professional, familial, romantic, or otherwise. All relationships…

She thought I was sweet talking her

We didn’t meet through a dating app. In fact, I remember permanently deleting Tinder off my phone in early 2014 in Thailand. After an odd message exchange about the kind of exotic fruits this girl could fit inside her body, I was like, I’m…

Online Dating brought us together. Now we are traveling the world.

We have little to no control of our own love stories ~ when love happens, how, and its intensity. My belief is that you can however, increase your chances at finding your twin flame from hanging out in places that interest you and digital…

From friends to lovers – our secret how to make a nomadic lifestyle work!

It was 2013 where we met during our Master studies becoming good friends. Towards the end of our studies, we all went on a trip to Brazil. You know how such trips can either bring people together or miles apart. Many tiny, almost unrecognizable…