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Love without borders or frontiers

We didn’t meet the usual conventional way, we met purely by chance. On Airbnb to be more precise. In early 2015, I was at that stage 5 years into living in Berlin, Germany from Colombia and I was renting my spare room out to help cover the extra costs of rent. I had a request […]


Jump. It’s worth it.

In July 2016 I was living with 10 other people in a mansion in Sicily, Italy. I was working on a co-living project with a partner who was cracking under the pressure of startup life. It was a hectic time for me. The day I arrived in Italy, my laptop and luggage didn’t show up […]

Dating advice for the picky dater

Although often controversial, a common piece of advice for people in the dating scene is to make a list of qualities that you want in the other person. This seemingly clinical approach makes emotional decisions more rational and objective so you don’t fall into the trap of falling in love with someone that really isn’t […]

Are Nomads building relationships on moving sand?

Like almost everything, also being single on the road has its pro’s and cons. Biggest downside for me is that I sometimes begin to wonder if ‘that guy’ exists. Especially because I’m moving around all the time. After several disappointments it makes me wonder if it’s possible to have a long(er) lasting relationship on the […]

How to Find Your Nomad (or nomad inspired soulmate)

I remember hanging out with Aline (Founder of Nomad Soulmates) at Beta Haus last year with a few of the girls saying dating as a digital nomad is HARD.  After leaving the coworking space I overheard some dudes saying “I slept with one in Thailand, another in Hungary…” I was really put off.


She thought I was sweet talking her

We didn’t meet through a dating app. In fact, I remember permanently deleting Tinder off my phone in early 2014 in Thailand. After an odd message exchange about the kind of exotic fruits this girl could fit inside her body, I was like, I’m done with this app! (And that pineapple sounds really painful.)